Terapi Air Berkah Menyembuhkan Gangguan Kebiasaan Mendengkur

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Many people who complain result could not quiet at rest or sleeping because their partner snores or snore. Indeed, one of the side effects of snoring is disturbing a sleeping person nearby. Many people believe that if people who snore sleep means in a position very comfortable bed, and soundly. But not all true.

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The reality is, if one of his snoring, respiratory problems then occur when the person is sleeping. People who sleep snoring, may indicate that the muscles of the respiratory tract relaxes, and occurred relaxation, so that the airway is narrowed, it happened because of the position of poor sleep, either because of illness or because of certain pressure that resulted in respiratory tract can not function smoothly ,

So actually snoring or sleep disturbance snoring is a condition that occurs in a person. Sleep disorders such as snoring this in medical terms is called Sleep Apnea , if this condition is experienced by a person in a period of time long enough then it can cause a variety of diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and even in certain circumstances this sleep disorder can cause death.

Incidence Causes Snoring Disorders Habits

  1. Age

As people age, the conditions will become more narrow throat and muscle tone in the throat decreases.

  1. Nasal and Sinus Problems

The air is shut out due to the problems in the nostrils can make breathing more difficult process that causes a person to snore.

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking alcohol and smoking can increase muscle relaxation that encourages you to more easily snoring. It could also happen in the consumption of certain drugs.

  1. Body Condition Specific

Why pri snore more often than in women? Men have narrower airways than women. Narrow throat, palate split, enlarged adenoids, and other physical attributes of a person’s snoring is also a factor, and it could either be lowered.

  1. Sleep position

Sleep on your back causes the flesh of your throat to relax and blocking of the airways, which can cause you to snore.

  1. Overweight (Obesity)

Fatty tissue in the body and muscles are weak contributing cause snoring.

Healing Disorders Snoring Habits

Basically every disease there must be a cure, it has been described in a hadith narrated by Ahmad no.17988 which means:

“Allah does not reduce disease, but he also lowered his medicine, is known (understood) by those who know it, and that is not understood by most people”

In addition to the medical treatment, you are also encouraged to take medication batiniyyah (non-medical). One treatment bathiniyyah that you can use is the water treatment Blessing.

What is Therapy Air Blessing? Blessing Water therapy is a therapy that uses water Blessing supernatural energy that has been filled either prayers, verses of the Qur’an or special riyadhoh conducted by TokoParanormal.Com.

By combining medical treatment and batiniyyah (Air Blessings), God willing, your disease will be cured in particular in this case Snoring Disorders habit, because water can cure Blessing, even according to what is intended people who drink it.

Water Blessing you get here is not ordinary water Blessing. The blessing is in the Air Blessing, is filled with energy Nur Ilahiyyah with special riyadhoh process by TokoParanormal.Com. Riyadhoh process include:

  1. Purification, blessing in Blessing Water purification process is carried out so that the blessing is not mixed with other energies.
  2. Strengthening and charging, both performed in a single stage riyadhoh. This process is intended to allow the blessings that exist on Water Blessing this more effectively to cure your complaint, such as eliminating habitual snoring, or other complaints.
  3. Alignment, this process is only done when you have an order. The aim is that your body’s energy in harmony with the energy in the Air Blessing of your message. This alignment by means of a salt, which we named the blessing of salt. You have to take this blessed salt to sync between your body and the Air Blessings of your message.

Air healing methods with this blessing has helped many of our clients who suffer from the disease, not just a physical illness, mental illness or mental also has much helped by this healing method.

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